Wide range of marketing solutions

Universal and specialized solutions for various business sectors.

Web development

Theo Skander's Design Lab helps brands effectively manage their online image and sales, unlocking the full potential of digital communications.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation allows you to automatically manage marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns through multiple marketing channels.

Sports marketing automation

Software for sports marketing automation, automates marketing tasks, optimizes workflows and measures the results of marketing campaigns.


Theo Skander design laboratory is a unique team of photographers and food stylists, as well as the most modern technical equipment for advertising photography and studio shooting of any level of complexity.

Interior Design

Do you want a really stylish and functional interior design? We will help you to create a unique and comfortable design of an apartment or house, in which you will be pleased and comfortable to live. Order a project and we will implement it in life.

Corporate identity

Corporate style implies a harmonious combination of graphics and constant data, united by a common philosophy, concept and style. It is this data system that forms the basis for the visualisation of the brand, which is promoted as the communication system for the brand.